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At Cate Ranch we raise registered Beefmaster bulls and females near Perrin, Texas.

We got started with Beefmasters when my daughter decided to show a Beefmaster heifer in FFA one year. One interaction with the breed and we were hooked! I fell in love with Beefmaster cattle and decided to start building a purebred Beefmaster herd. Now, we’re working to consistently better and expand our herd.

At Cate Ranch we’re interested in profitability, soundness, longevity, and disposition. We develop all our calves to 12 months of age to ensure they’re structurally ready to become a profitable animal for future buyers. We also breed with disposition in mind and it shows; our animals have great dispositions!

For more information on Cate Ranch, give me a call at 817-395-2321 to schedule a visit.

We’re looking forward to meeting you!

-Kevin Cate


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